Our Process

We look at complaints against public transport operators in Victoria who are members of the PTO scheme. Click here to check whether the public transport operator you are complaining about is a member of our scheme.

If you call us for general advice or information, we will do our best to help you. If there is another organisation that is better placed to help you, we will refer you to them.

When you make a complaint, we will look at whether you have spoken to the operator about your complaint. We cannot consider your complaint unless the public transport operator has had an opportunity to resolve it. So we might give you the contact details for the operator and suggest you speak to them before lodging a complaint with us.

When you complain to us, you should tell us what your complaint is about and include details such as dates and times. If you have any documents that you think are relevant, please send us copies. You will need to tell us what you are seeking to resolve your complaint. And please provide us with two ways in which we can contact you, for example, an email address and a telephone number.

After you lodge a complaint with us, we will usually refer the complaint to the operator and ask them to respond. Depending on how we refer it, the operator may respond directly to you, or they may contact us and we will tell you what they say.

The aim of our investigation is to help you and the operator reach an agreed outcome. We expect you and the operator to be actively involved in negotiating an outcome that is acceptable to both of you. Once agreement is reached, we will confirm the outcome with you. If the operator doesn’t follow through on their promises you should contact us again.

If an agreed outcome cannot be reached, we will look at whether further investigation of the complaint is warranted. We may decide that the operator has adequately addressed your complaint and there are no grounds for further investigation. Alternatively, the Ombudsman may decide to make a decision that is binding on the operator. A binding decision can be up to the value of $5,000 or $10,000 with the agreement of the operator.