Protective Service Officers (PSOs)

The PTO does not have any jurisdiction to investigate complaints about Protective Services Officers (PSOs) who are deployed at railway stations.

 This page provides general information on the role of the PSO and who to contact if you have a complaint about a PSO.

PSOs are recruited, trained and employed by Victoria Police, and work within the Protective Services Division.

PSOs have performed general security at various official locations for many years, including at Law Courts, Parliament House and the Shrine of Remembrance.

The role now includes providing specialist protective services for the general public at metropolitan and major regional railway stations from 6.00pm until the last train of the evening, seven days a week.

While on duty at train stations, PSOs have a number of powers which include:

•    Arrest and detain - including arrest for drunk and disorderly offences
•    Search people and property - and seize items such as weapons and alcohol
•    Issue on-the-spot fines (infringement notices) - including for graffiti offences
•    Issue a direction to 'move on' from the area.

PSOs undergo a full time 12 week training course at the Victoria Police Academy.  It includes training in conflict resolution and how to deal with vulnerable people such as the homeless, youth, drug and alcohol affected people, the aged and people living with mental health illness.

After the completion of the 12 week training course, PSOs complete a further 12 weeks of on-the-job training with a Police member.

If you have received an on-the-spot fine / infringement notice from a PSO, you can find information about how to have the infringement reviewed:

Complaints about the conduct of PSOs can be made to:

Victoria Police - The Police Conduct Unit (Complaints and Compliments) - Ethical Standards Department.

By telephone:                    1300 363 101
By facsimile:                      03 9247 3498
Email:                               This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Writing or in person to:      Level 2, Tower 4, 637 Flinders Street, Docklands 3008


The Independent Broad-Base Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC):

Phone:                           1300 735 135
Fax:                               03 8635 6444
Email/Complaint form:


You can obtain more information about the PSO role on the Victoria Police website

Alternatively, you can also contact us so we can discuss your complaint and provide advice about who may be best able to assist you.