Complaints About the PTO

From time to time, the PTO receives complaints about our service. We have an established process for handling complaints from consumers and operators. The following types of complaints may be made to us:

Complaints about Case Handling

When a consumer or operator complains about the way an individual case has been handled by a PTO Officer, it may be reviewed under our Internal Case Handling policy. We ask that the PTO Officer be given the opportunity to respond to the complaint in the first instance, unless the nature of the complaint is serious.

Complaints about the Closure of a Case

Where a consumer is dissatisfied with our decision to close their case on the basis that there is insufficient merit or a fair offer has been made by the operator, they may seek a review of the decision. Grounds for seeking a review may include:

  • Bias
  • Error mission in the investigation
  • The availability of new information.

Complaints about Jurisdiction

 Where a consumer or operator disagrees with our assessment of whether a complaint is within the PTO jurisdiction, they may seek a review of our decision.

Complaints about the Operation of the Scheme

Where a consumer or operator wants to complain about a broad aspect of the scheme's operation, they can lodge a complaint that will be reviewed by the Ombudsman and/or the PTO Board. This does not include concerns about the handling, investigation or finalisation of an individual complaint investigation.

Click on the link to download a pdf file of our Internal Complaint Handling policy.