2022 Annual Report 

The PTO Annual Report 2022 cover shows trains waiting at Southern Cross Station. Passengers can be seen on the platform in the foreground and the station's distinctive roof can be seen at the top of the image.

Each year, the Public Transport Ombudsman (PTO) Annual Report overviews the complaints and issues that Victorians brought to the PTO during the preceding financial year period.

The PTO Annual Report 2022 was published on 7 December 2022, and shows:  

  • a 10 per cent increase in complaints during the 2021-22 financial year, broadly in line with the number of Victorians using public transport again as pandemic restrictions eased – although the proportional mix of complaint types remained largely the same as the previous year
  • the top 5 public transport issues within a combined 1,423 complaints received related to (in order of prominence): public transport staff; land & infrastructure; service delivery; ticketing issues (including myki); issues with trams, trains & buses 
  • myki issues bucked the proportional increase trend (falling slightly), as did complaints about public transport accessibility and Authorised Officers (small but notable upticks)  

This year’s Annual Report also overviews a new joint initiative between the PTO and Department of Transport (DOT) that means the PTO can now handle complaints about public transport fines where certain ‘special’ or ‘exceptional’ circumstances apply.

The new arrangement does not replace DOT's existing Infringement review process – instead, it gives Victorians an additional avenue to sort out their complaint. Read more about this initiative on page 37 of the Report, and more about how and when the PTO can help with public transport fines at our common complaints page

The PTO Annual Report 2022 is the third report released by Ombudsman Simon McKenzie. The 2021-22 financial year marks the PTO’s 18th year of operation.

Download the  Annual Report PDF  here or as a  plain text Microsoft Word file  here.

You can access the Annual Report media release  here.

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