2023 Annual Report 

The PTO Annual Report 2023 cover shows for photographs of people using public transport. The photos are displayed in circular frames and sit on an orange background. The PTO logo appears at the bottom left of the page. The words 'Annual Report 2023' appear int he top right of the page.

Each year, the Public Transport Ombudsman (PTO) Annual Report overviews the complaints and issues that Victorians brought to the PTO during the preceding financial year period.

The PTO Annual Report 2023 was published on 6 December 2023, and shows:  

  • a 61.6 per cent increase in Victorians contacting the PTO for assistance during the 2022-23 financial year, which mirrors a 61.9 per cent increase in trips on Victorian public transport over the same period.  
  • the top 4 issues that Victorians raised with the PTO were issues related to (in order of prominence): public transport staff; service delivery; ticketing issues (including myki issues); land & infrastructure-related complaints. These four issues represented 75 per cent of all issues raised with the PTO in 2022-23.  
  • an increase in some public transport issues relative to pre-pandemic levels, notably issues related to accessibility and Authorised Officers. 
  • a substantial increase in Victorians contacting the PTO about fines in 2022-23 (264 cases, up from 121 fines cases the previous year). The report also outlines a recent change in how the PTO handles fines complaints, which came into effect in August 2022 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Transport & Planning and the PTO.

The PTO Annual Report 2023 is the fourth and final report released by former Public Transport Ombudsman Simon McKenzie, who became CEO of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission in September 2023.

The 2022-23 financial year marks the PTO’s 19th year of operation.  

Download the  Annual Report PDF  (6.4MB) here or as a  plain text Microsoft Word file  here.

You can access the Annual Report media release  here.

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