Our job is to help people get their voice heard and their complaint resolved. We’re impartial, so we don’t take sides. But we do make sure both sides get a fair hearing, and we offer support to individuals to ensure that this happens.

Here are some real-life stories about how we’ve helped people resolve complaints or disputes with public transport operators. We’ve changed people’s names to protect their privacy.

Image shows a young woman travelling on a bus. There is a myki card reader in the foreground.

Annette’s complaint

Annette’s disability makes it hard to get on a bus if drivers don’t stop at the kerb. She’d raised the issue but didn’t see any improvements.

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Image shows a young woman waiting for public transport.She is wearing headphones and looking to her left.

Sujin’s complaint

Sujin asked V/Line about opportunities to improve services for passengers with ASD and sensory processing issues. She felt she wasn’t being heard.

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Photo shows a man at a work site. He is wearing high-vis clothing, a hard hat and sunglasses. His arms are crossed in front of him.

Jan’s complaint

Jan wasn’t getting accurate service information from the PTV app, which meant he couldn’t make alternate travel plans when he needed to.  

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Image shows a young woman wearing a hijab and smiling to the camera.

Nahla’s complaint 

Nahla was frustrated that her complaints about bus drivers missing the school pick-up were ignored.

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Image shows a man standing on a train platform with his arms crossed. There is a train approaching in the background.

Malcolm’s complaint

Malcolm, who lives next to a train station, had complained several times about very loud station announcements.  

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Image shows a middle aged man sitting in a bus depot. He is wearing a face mask and a high-vis shirt. He has a walking stick in his left hand.

Paulos' complaint

Paulos couldn’t get a clear answer about SkyBus ticketing rules and was concerned they might be discriminatory.

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Image shows a middle-aged woman smiling at the camera. She has a handbag looped over her arm and is holding a V/Line Echuca Timetable in her hands.

Julie’s complaint

It’s hard for Julie to access the internet, so she relies on printed timetables. She couldn’t get a copy of the timetable she urgently needed.  

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Image shows a middle-aged man waiting at a tram stop. He is carrying a large cardboard box. There is a tram approaching behind him.

Graham’s complaint

Graham was refused access to a tram. He complained to Yarra Trams and wasn’t happy with their response.

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