Accessibility of public transport

At the Public Transport Ombudsman (PTO) we play an active role in promoting public transport accessibility for everyone in Melbourne and Victoria.

We know that public transport accessibility is a key issue for people with disabilities, the elderly, young people, parents with young children, people living in regional or rural Victoria and for people from non-English backgrounds. Accessible public transport is essential to meet the needs of everyone’s daily lives and support them to participate fully in the community.

We investigate individual complaints about public transport accessibility while also considering the broader issue of accessibility to public transport through our systemic issues process. If you’d like to make a public transport complaint to the Public Transport Ombudsman you can fill out our complaint form.

We also work on projects to address the accessibility of public transport, such as our Youth and Industry Roundtable in 2015 and our partnership with WEstjustice Legal Service to help young people at risk of homelessness in Melbourne’s west access public transport to get to school.

We regularly speak to community groups, disability advocates and government agencies in Melbourne and throughout Victoria about the Public Transport Ombudsman services and how we assist people with public transport complaints.

Accessibility of Public Transport Ombudsman services

We are committed to making the Public Transport Ombudsman services accessible to everybody. We understand that accessibility is not just about lodging a complaint, although that is important, but about making our public transport complaint process easy to understand and use.

You can find information about our service in different languages here.

We have produced a spoken word and Auslan video that explains the Public Transport Ombudsman services and how we can address your public transport complaint.

You can contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., in writing, by phone, Facebook, and via the National Relay Service. We can make arrangements if you need to meet with us and an Auslan interpreter. 

The following spoken word and Auslan video provide information about what we do and how you can access our service.

Accessibility and Inclusion Action Plan

The PTO Accessibility and Inclusion Action Plan ensures we provide a service that supports diversity and is accessible to everyone in the community. It also outlines how we provide an accessible and inclusive workplace to promote increased participation of people with disabilities in employment.

You can read our Accessibility and Inclusion Action Plan  here.