We've worked with accessible information specialists to translate key information into Easy English and Plain English brochures to help us provide information that’s accessible to everyone.

Our Information Brochure explains our services and how to send us your complaint. It is available in two formats:

  • Plain English, a direct style of writing, designed to help people understand information quickly and easily the first time they read it.
  • Easy English, which is for people who have difficulty reading in English. This format uses short sentences, supporting pictures and simple words.

Click on the links below to download or view the brochures in different formats.

Plain English
Information Brochure

 Image shows the cover of the Plain English information brochure.

Download the  Plain English Information Brochure accessible PDF (1.10MB)

Download the  Plain English Information Brochure plain text Microsoft Word file (105KB)

View the Plain English Brochure online

Easy English
Information Brochure

Image shows the cover of the Easy English information brochure. 

Download the  Easy English Information Brochure accessible PDF (4.39MB)

Brochure order form

If you require printed copies of our brochures, please fill in the order form below. 

These will be provided to you free of charge.


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