Got an unresolved complaint about public transport?

Who we are

We’re a dispute resolution service. We’re independent of public transport operators and government. We offer a fair, free and fast service to resolve complaints about public transport operators in Melbourne and regional Victoria. We’ve helped more than 40,000 people since we started in 2004.

We work with you and the operator

We can help you and the operator resolve a complaint, and can decide on a fair and reasonable outcome. This is an informal process where we talk with you to understand your complaint, and then we talk with the public transport operator. We aim to find an outcome that you will both agree to.

Talk to the operator first

We look at complaints after the public transport operator has tried to resolve it first. After you have made a complaint to the operator, you must give the operator time to respond. The time to respond will depend on how complex or serious the complaint is. In most cases, the operator will respond within 7 business days.

Who we can help

The Public Transport Ombudsman helps resolve complaints between users of public transport and public transport operators who are members of the PTO Scheme. We can also look at complaints from people who are affected by public transport activities, such as maintenance and construction.

Most public transport operators in Victoria are members of the Public Transport Ombudsman Scheme. They include bus, train and tram operators, the Department of Transport (including PTV) and organisations involved in major public transport projects.

What we can help with

There are many types of complaints we can look at including:

  • delayed or cancelled bus, train or tram services
  • the accessibility of public transport
  • myki and ticketing issues
  • information about public transport and related activities
  • public transport staff, including authorised officers or AOs
  • noise and disruption from public transport works
  • infrastructure and vehicle issues including graffiti and cleanliness.

If you’re not sure if we can help you with your complaint, you should speak with us.

Sometimes we may not be able to look at a complaint. If we can’t look at your complaint we may refer you to somewhere that can help.

Information we need

We will ask you for:

  • your name and your contact details
  • what your complaint is about, including the name of the operator and times, dates and locations related to your complaint
  • what the operator said or did in response to your complaint
  • why the operator’s response didn’t resolve your complaint
  • documentation to prove any costs you have
  • photographs and video recordings if you have them
  • copies of your correspondence with the operator
  • what you want to happen next.

Depending on what your complaint is about, you might need to give extra information like quotes or expert advice.

If you don’t provide us with the information we ask for, we may not be able to look at your complaint. If you’re unable to give this information, you should let us know as soon as possible.

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