The Benchmarks

We comply with the Benchmarks for Industry-based Customer Dispute Resolution (the Benchmarks) which were published by the Federal Government in 1997 and reviewed in 2015. The Benchmarks were conceived to encourage best practice in industry-based dispute resolution schemes. The Benchmarks are supported by the Key Practices for Industry-based Customer Dispute Resolution (Key Practices) which sets out practical ways to implement the Benchmarks.

You can read the Benchmarks here and the Key Practices here. The Benchmarks are:


To promote access to the office on an equitable basis.

We make ourselves readily available to consumers by promoting knowledge of our scheme, being easy to use and having no cost barriers. 


To ensure that the processes and decisions of the office are objective and unbiased, and are seen to be objective and unbiased.

Our decision making process and the administration of our scheme are independent from members. 


To ensure that the office performs its functions in a manner that is fair and is seen to be fair.

Our procedures and decision making are fair and are seen to be fair. 


To ensure public confidence in the office and allow assessment and improvement of its performance and that of participating organisations.

We publicly account for our operations by publishing determinations and information about complaints, and reporting systemic issues to members and the relevant authority. 


To give the community and participating organisations confidence in the office and to ensure that the office provides value for its funding.

We operate efficiently by keeping track of complaints, ensuring complaints are dealt with by the appropriate process and regularly reviewing our performance. 


To promote community confidence in the office and ensure that the office fulfils its role.

We are effective by having an appropriate and comprehensive jurisdiction and periodic independent reviews of our performance.