Complain to the operator

Before you complain to us, you must try to resolve your complaint with the public transport operator first.

This means you need to contact the operator, tell them what happened and give them an opportunity to resolve your complaint. 

If you contact us first, or if you’re not sure how to make a complaint with the operator, we will give you advice about what to do. 

You can find a list of operators who are members of the PTO Scheme and their contact details on our PTO Scheme Members page.

When you complain to the operator

When making a complaint to an operator, be clear about what went wrong and what outcome you’re after.

After you have lodged a complaint, the operator should acknowledge they’ve received it and tell you when to expect a response.

You need to allow the operator enough time to review your complaint and respond. The response time can vary, according to how complex or serious your complaint is. In most cases, the operator should be able to respond within seven business days.

Be prepared for the operator to ask you for information about your complaint. This may include specific details of the incident, photos, or receipts.

It’s important you keep information about your complaint. This includes all correspondence you receive and send about your complaint. If you speak with an operator by phone, it can be helpful to keep details of your calls including dates, times and the name of the person you’ve spoken to.