The Public Transport Ombudsman helps resolve complaints between users of public transport and public transport operators who are members of the PTO scheme. We can also look at complaints from people who don’t use public transport but who are affected by public transport related activities, such as public transport works. 

If you’re not sure if we can help you with your complaint, you can contact us.

What the PTO can look at

Complaints we can look at include:

  • Delayed or cancelled bus, train or tram services
  • The accessibility of public transport
  • Myki and ticketing issues
  • Information about public transport and related activities
  • Public transport staff, including Authorised Officers (AOs)
  • Noise and disruption from public transport works
  • Infrastructure and vehicle issues including graffiti and cleanliness

What the PTO can’t look at

Complaints we can’t look at include:

  • Ticket prices and how these are set (although we can help if a price has been applied incorrectly)
  • The content of government policies and legislation
  • Public transport fines
  • Commercial activities that are not closely related to the core public transport and activities provided by PTO Scheme members
  • Employment disputes about members of the PTO Scheme
  • Interstate public transport
  • Freight trains
  • Taxis and ride sharing services, e.g. Uber complaints
  • Airlines and ferries

If you contact us about a complaint that we can’t look at, we may be able to refer you somewhere that can assist.

PTO Charter and Constitution

Our Charter and Constitution sets out in detail what we can and can’t do.