The PTO can independently review most complaints about existing public transport services in Victoria, if you’re not happy with the response from a public transport operator. We can’t look at complaints about government policy or decisions about future services.

We can also review complaints from people affected by public transport works and (in some limited circumstances) complaints about the fairness of a public transport fine. 

The PTO’s areas of responsibility for public transport complaints are set by our Charter.

Below is a checklist of complaints we can (and can’t) help with. If your complaint isn’t listed contact us for advice. If we can’t help, we can usually refer you to someone who can.

We can help with complaints about:

  • Late or cancelled train, bus or tram services
  • Accessibility, which means issues that make it hard or impossible for you to easily use or access:
    • vehicles, stations, stops or related facilities
    • customer service or self-service processes, like buying a ticket, applying for a concession entitlement or booking a seat
    • public transport information
  • Myki and ticketing issues, including:
    • myki charge & balance disputes and related system faults
    • myki services, such as card registration, mobile myki or auto top-up
    • Replacement or refund of myki cards, V/Line or regional bus tickets
    • Free Travel Passes and concession entitlements
    • Fare reimbursements
  • Public transport information, including:
    • Service disruption advice
    • Notice of works-related disruptions
    • Timetable, fares and ticketing information
  • Public transport staff, including Authorised Officers
  • Public transport fines – if your fine gets upheld after an Internal Review, but only if special or exceptional circumstances may apply. Read more about how to apply for an Internal Review and how we can help with fines on our Common Complaints page.
  • Noise, disruption or access issues caused by public transport projects or maintenance works
  • Safety or cleanliness of stations, stops and vehicles

We can’t help with complaints about:

  • Government policy or decisions about future public transport services, eg: bus route changes or train line extensions
  • The cost of public transport fares, and how these prices are set
  • School buses that are privately operated
  • Freight trains, airlines or ferries
  • Taxis and ride sharing services