The PTO’s procedures are described in a general way. We will apply these to our handling of a complaint on a case-by-case basis.

What is Conciliation?

The PTO uses Conciliation to resolve complaints quickly and informally.

We’ll decide if your complaint is suitable to be looked at using Conciliation.

In Conciliation, we speak separately with you and the operator to understand the issues and explore ways of resolving the complaint.

We can make suggestions to you and the operator for how the complaint should resolve based on our experience and knowledge of good industry practice.

Conciliation works best when you and the operator are open to alternative options to resolve the complaint.

The process

Our experience is that complaints are most effectively and efficiently managed through phone conversations. Conciliation is phone-based and you will need to make yourself available to speak with us. We can email you but it may take longer to resolve your complaint.

You need to be clear about the outcome you are seeking to resolve your complaint. If you’re not sure, you can ask us for advice. We will talk with you about what might be possible in the circumstances.

We may ask you to provide us with information to support your complaint.

If you want to speak with the operator directly while we are handling your complaint, please let us know.


If we ask you to provide information within a particular timeframe, it’s important that you do this. This ensures we understand your complaint and that Conciliation is the right process to use.

We’ll tell you when the Conciliation process has started and contact you within 14 days to discuss the operator’s response. 

Resolving your complaint

If you and the operator agree on an outcome, we will close the complaint. We’ll confirm the agreement in writing.

If no agreement is reached, we‘ll decide what happens next. This can include making a decision about how the complaint should resolve, or investigating the complaint.


Download the Conciliation Information Sheet PDF (586kb)