What We Can Do

We can look at most of the public transport complaints we receive. Complaints must be about operators who are members of our scheme.

Your complaint must also relate to something that happened on or after 18 April 2004, and should be lodged with us within 6 months of the operator’s response to your complaint.

You can find more information about what we can investigate in our Charter.

Listed below are some of the common areas of complaint. If you’re unsure if we can investigate your complaint, please contact us so we can assess it.


myki, concessions, myki replacements and refunds, faulty ticking vending or validating machines, penalty fares and sale of incorrect tickets.

Authorised Officers

Inappropriate behaviour, misleading information, product knowledge, poor customer service and issuing of penalty fares. Please note that the PTO shares jurisdiction over Authorised Officers with the Victorian Ombudsman. If your complaint raises issues such as use of force, injury or unlawful restraint, we will advise you that you need to make your complaint to the Victorian Ombudsman.

Infrastructure and rolling stock

Trains, trams and buses, stations and platforms, bus stops, signage, announcements, disability access, noise, safety and maintenance works.

Service Delivery

Cancellations, disruptions, punctuality, failure to pick up passengers, availability and accuracy of timetables, notification of timetable and platform changes and websites.


Poor customer service from drivers, station staff and customer service officers, incorrect or misleading advice, failure to provide a response, product knowledge, lack of assistance and failure to provide safety or security.


Car parking at train stations, fencing of railways, safety concerns at stations, stops or platforms, disability access, litter, rubbish or vegetation and maintenance work on land occupied by public transport operators.