Ann Jorgensen has been appointed Victoria’s new Public Transport Ombudsman and will take up the position from 14 December 2023.

Kay Rundle, Chair of the Public Transport Ombudsman (PTO) Board, announced Ms Jorgensen’s appointment today and congratulated her on the appointment.

“Ann brings substantial dispute resolution, legal and leadership experience to the role of Public Transport Ombudsman,” said Ms Rundle.  

“Ann also has experience leading teams that respond to the needs of diverse stakeholders,” Ms Rundle added.

Public Transport Ombudsman Ann Jorgensen is a Caucasian woman. She has short brown hair and is wearing dark-framed glasses and a black and tan patterned dress. She is sitting at a table with her hands crossed before her and is looking directly into the camera and smiling. In the background are trees and a blurred cityscape.

Public Transport Ombudsman Ann Jorgensen

Ms Jorgensen first joined the PTO as Deputy Ombudsman in December 2021 and was appointed Acting Ombudsman in September 2023.

“As Deputy Ombudsman, Ann led the PTO’s operations during a time when complaints to the Ombudsman have increased significantly,” said Ms Rundle. Complaints to the PTO increased 64 per cent from mid-2021 to mid-2023, broadly in line with the increase in Victorians using public transport since pandemic restrictions first began to ease. 

Ms Jorgensen said she was looking forward to leading the PTO’s dedicated team in providing a complaints-handling and dispute resolution service that is valued by consumers, public transport operators and the community at large.

“I’m really excited to take on the role of Victoria’s Public Transport Ombudsman,” said Ms Jorgensen.

“The Public Transport Ombudsman has a unique vantage point in the public transport sector. We hear the voices of people who use public transport or are affected by public transport works every day,” she said.

Ms. Jorgensen said that exploring the most effective ways to feed consumer insights back to government and public transport operators – as well as ensuring the PTO’s services were accessible to all Victorians - were some of her top priorities as Ombudsman.

“Public transport plays an essential role in enabling people to participate fully in society. I’m passionate about making sure the Public Transport Ombudsman engages with people and groups who rely on public transport, but who perhaps aren’t aware of how they can raise complaints and concerns about public transport,” Ms Jorgensen said.

Ms Jorgensen has been appointed Public Transport Ombudsman for a three-year term.