The aim of the PTO's investigation is to assist consumers and operators to reach an agreed outcome.

It is important to note that every complaint is different and positive outcomes are achieved through active negotiation and agreement by both the consumer and the operator. Fair and reasonable outcomes depend on all the circumstances, relevant laws, codes and guidelines and good industry practice.

Some of the outcomes that are achieved through our processes include:

  • The provision of detailed information or an explanation about the incident
  • Apologies and genuine recognition of inconvenience or dissatisfaction
  • Refunds or compensation, or a goodwill gesture (such as free tickets) - Government regulations/compensation codes may apply
  • The improvement or implementation of policies or processes to ensure that the same complaints do not arise in the future
  • Operator staff training or counselling
  • Operator changes to the way services are provided, or special arrangements to improve access to public transport services.

In some circumstances we will be guided by government regulations or government compensation codes.

If an agreed outcome cannot be reached and we feel there is action the operator should take to resolve your complaint, the Ombudsman can make a decision that is binding on the operator. A binding decision can be up to the value of $5,000 or $10,000 with the agreement of the operator.

Not happy with how we've handled your case?

If you're not happy with the handling of your complaint or with the decision to close your case, you may request a review. Refer to our Internal Complaint Handling policy.