What You Need To Tell Us

When you lodge a complaint, you need to provide us with enough information for us to understand your complaint and in support of the outcome you are seeking. This can include:

  • A detailed explanation of your complaint, including all relevant dates, times and locations of events and descriptions of people involved (if relevant). A timeline of events can be very useful for us to understand the background of your complaint.
  • Copies of supporting documents you have, such as correspondence with the operator, receipts, tickets, photographs, witness statements and medical reports.
  • What you are seeking to resolve your complaint. If you’re seeking financial compensation, you need to outline how much you’re seeking and how you’ve calculated the amount you are claiming.

If you are unsure about what to provide with your complaint, please contact us for advice.

We handle complaints about the majority of public transport issues. However if you complain to us about something we can’t look at, we will explain why and try to refer you to someone who can help you.