What We Do With Your Complaint

We receive, investigate and resolve complaints from consumers who use or are affected by Victorian public passenger transport services, or the public transport related activities of public transport operators who are members of our scheme. Click here to see a list of our members.

You should raise your complaint with the relevant transport operator first. We can only investigate a complaint if the operator has been given the opportunity to respond to it and it is within our jurisdiction. We can give you impartial advice and referral information in response to enquiries and complaints that haven't been raised with the operator or are out of the PTO's jurisdiction. Click here for information about making a complaint to a public transport operator.

When we investigate a complaint, we assist you and operator to negotiate a fair and reasonable outcome. We handle complaints independently and promptly and where an agreement can't be reached, the Ombudsman may make a binding decision, or dismiss the complaint if she believes there are no grounds for further investigation.

We also play an important role in identifying, investigating and reporting systemic issues. Systemic issues are identified through complaints, and are issues that affect, or have the potential to affect, more than one consumer. This important aspect of our work contributes to improved public transport services. For more information about how we look at systemic issues, please click here.

The PTO is committed to ensuring your privacy is maintained. Click here to read the PTO privacy policy.