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Questions about public transport services

While we can handle public transport complaints about services in Melbourne and Victoria not running on time or to schedule, we can’t handle complaints about the schedule itself. We don’t have the power to change timetables or increase services.

If you’re not happy with a current timetable, you should complain to PTV. If you’re not happy with their response you might want to refer the matter to your local Member of Parliament or the Minister for Public Transport.

Yes. We can look at your complaint about delayed or cancelled public transport services in Victoria.

It is helpful if you can provide us with specific dates and times of when the public transport service was late or cancelled. You can call us to talk about your experience, or lodge a complaint using our complaint form.

You can pay the fine before the due date or if you believe that you shouldn’t have to pay the fine, you can have it reviewed by the Department of Transport and Planning. We have detailed information about this on our common complaints page.

The public transport operator will tell you how long it will take for you to get a response. This is usually around 7 business days. More serious complaints may be responded to sooner. If you don’t hear from the public transport operator in the time you were given, you can follow up with them as this may be the quickest and easiest way to resolve the complaint. You can also call our office for advice about what to do if the operator doesn’t respond to you.

Eligibility for a concession myki is determined by Public Transport Victoria (PTV) rules. We can investigate your myki complaint, but we can’t change those rules.

If you think PTV made the wrong decision, we can look at your application for a concession myki, how it was handled and whether the decision should be changed.

It is inevitable that there will be some level of noise associated with public transport. However, if you believe the noise is unreasonable you can complain to us. We can look at where the noise is coming from, whether it is unreasonable and whether proper procedures have been followed by the public transport operator. We might ask you to keep a diary with times and dates of when the noise issue happens. Check out our common complaints section on noise.

The Public Transport Ombudsman can’t investigate complaints about the location of bus stops. PTV are authorised by law to construct bus stops and the law doesn’t require them to consult with the community on the location of individual bus stops. Check out our common complaints section on new bus stops.

You should speak to PTV about why you are not happy with the bus stop. If you have safety concerns about the bus stop, please let PTV know.

Questions about our services

This will depend on your complaint and what you are seeking to resolve it. The PTO will speak with you about the standard timeframes for resolving a complaint, which may be between 14-21 days. Complex complaints may take longer to resolve.

Yes, we look at complaints about the behaviour and actions of Authorised Officers (AO), and other public transport staff. If you are complaining about getting a public transport fine from an AO we can only look at the AO’s conduct, we can’t review or overturn the public transport fine.

If someone is making you feel unsafe on public transport you should alert the driver or conductor or contact police.

If you make a public transport complaint to us, we will look at the obligations of the public transport operator and the role of public transport staff – did they take reasonable steps and follow the right procedures? We can’t take action against other passengers.

No, we don’t look at complaints about taxis or uber. You can make a complaint to Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria.